Family Travel Tips: Car Seat Advice

Where to Find the Best Carseat Information Online    
Most parents want to be well informed when it comes to keeping their kids safe. The issue is: where do you look? There are so many message boards, online groups, new studies, outdated articles and contradictory information sites that parents get completely overwhelmed. 

Is this a good product or is it an added hazard? 
When am I supposed to move to the "next" carseat? 
Which seat is the best? Which seat do I stay away from? 
I'm having ____ issue! Help!   
It doesn't help that parents get very passionate about whatever decision they've made, and tempers will fly in product reviews, comment sections, or discussion replies on message board threads. I've found the best way for me to stay up to date on the best information is to stay away from the crowd sourcing and discussion groups and find a few websites about kids and cars that I really trust to get my information. 

  • All the authors are certified car seat safety technicians and the site provides a wealth of information, reviews, recalls, and anything you might want to know. 
  • A no-nonsense site with information from car seat technicians and medical professionals.   
  • (Car Seats for the Littles): One of my favorite resources. Product reviews, tips, tricks and information. In addition, there's an affiliated group on Facebook where members can ask for help finding specific seats for their vehicles.   
When looking for car seat information online, it's easy to get caught up. But there is quality information out there for those who want to learn how to keep their passengers safe!

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